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Welcome to Beech Class.

Mrs Blankley teaches Beech class fulltime. This term our topic is called, ‘Operation Ouch.’ This topic has a Science, Geography and Art focus. There will be a balance of all the subjects throughout the year.

Mrs Blankley is responsible for English and PE. She will also have an overview of Key Stage 1 and a mentor to an NQT teacher.


We will be particularly looking at the presentation of writing through all the subjects. We have purchased a new Handwriting scheme called, ‘Letter Join.’ Children will be learning a cursive stroke from Key stage 1.


We will be following a scheme called ‘Moving Matters.’ All staff will be having weekly training using this scheme. During PPA (Planning, Preparation and Assessment) sessions, Active Trowbridge will be teaching the second weekly session. Mrs Blankley is developing the Yearly Overview across the school so that the lessons taught, link to the festivals and tournaments that we plan to take part in.

There will be a football tournament in November and we are planning to take part in the dance festival in Bath in February. Each term new tournaments are posted so look out for other sporting events.

This Term's Topic

Beech Class Topic Term 1 - Robots Download

Information for parents: KS1 and KS2 Tests - leaflet and video

2016 national curriculum tests for KS1 and KS2: information for parents

Useful websites.pdf Download
End of Year Expectations yr 1.pdf Download
End of Year Expectations yr 2.pdf Download

Knowledge Organiser - Term 3

Art and Design Knowledge Organiser australian animals Download
Geography Knowledge Organiser Australia Download
KO T3 stories jesus told Download
Science Knowledge Organiser Animals Download

Knowledge Organiser - Term 4

Art Knowledge Organiser Download
Design Technology Knowledge Organiser Download
Easter story Download
History Knowledge Organiser Download
Science Knowledge Organiser Download


Year 1 Writing Non Negotiables.pdf Download
Year 2 Writing Non Negotiables.pdf Download

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