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Welcome to BEECH Class

Welcome to Beech Class.

Mrs Blankley teaches Beech class fulltime.  This term our topic is called, ‘Operation Ouch.’  This topic has a Science, Geography and Art focus.  There will be a balance of all the subjects throughout the year. 

Mrs Blankley is responsible for English and PE. She will also have an overview of Key Stage 1 and a mentor to an NQT teacher.


We will be particularly looking at the presentation of writing through all the subjects.  We have purchased a new Handwriting scheme called, ‘Letter Join.’  Children will be learning a cursive stroke from Key stage 1.


We will be following a scheme called ‘Moving Matters.’  All staff will be having weekly training using this scheme.  During PPA (Planning, Preparation and Assessment) sessions, Active Trowbridge will be teaching the second weekly session.  Mrs Blankley is developing the Yearly Overview across the school so that the lessons taught, link to the festivals and tournaments that we plan to take part in.

There will be a football tournament in November and we are planning to take part in the dance festival in Bath in February.  Each term new tournaments are posted so look out for other sporting events.






On Monday 18th September 2017, Beech Class had a Superhero-themed day to start the Term's topic off with a WOW! All the children came to school dressed as a fictional or real-life superhero. The children participated in a selection of activities over the course of the day, these included; designing a new superhero in English; junk modelling to create a useful object to help a superhero; playdough task cards; and superhero relay races! The children had a great day and our writing this week was based on their superhero design. They were also introduced to a real-life heroine, Florence Nightingale. We look forward to keeping you updated as our topic progresses.

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We invited Major Burgess into school so we could practice our interview technique and ask him prepared questions which the children had written. After speaking with Major Burgess and looking at medals and ceremonial sword they were able to recount what they had learnt from his visit. They really enjoyed having a visitor in the class and were very good at listening and asking insightful questions.


Making Gingerbread Men

We have made Gingerbread Men as part of our topic on Traditional Tales.  We followed a recipe and weighed the ingredients, We then rolled them out and cut out the biscuits and decorated them with currants.

Later on in English we wrote instructions to tell Mr Gingerbread Man how we made him.  We had to use 'Bossy verbs' for our instructions.

The Gingerbread biscuits tasted very good to eat!.

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