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Welcome to OAK Class

In our mixed class of Y5/6, the children engage in their learning via the principles of Growth Mindset.  The class is taught by Mrs Wood.  Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Gardyj.

Using these principles of Growth Mindset, our curriculum is designed to develop the key skills necessary to challenge and support each child so that individual attainment and progress is in line with, or exceeds, national expectations.

Our learning is fun and stems from a wide and varied programme run by a dedicated team who expect the best and who carefully monitor the needs of each pupil.

Team-building and mutual respect and friendship flourish in our happy environment where each child’s self-confidence, sense of responsibility and curiosity are encouraged and nurtured.

Ancient Egypt Topic 2016- Making Huts for the Ancient Egyptian Pyramid-Building Slaves


Is Graffit Art?


Part of our  graffiti brick wall.



Are Year 6 Britain's engineers of the future?

Wednesday 28th September Year 6 children visited the Wiltshire Festival of Engineering and Manufacturing exhibition at the Olympiad in Chippenham .  We learnt so much about developments in technologies and even about future careers. One company was even based in our village!   So many of the businesses were local and we had never heard of all the amazing things going on around us. A fabulous afternoon was had by all!

Stonar School Cross Country Event

On Wednesday 5th October the entire Foxes class showed outstanding stamina and determination as they all successfully participated in a  1700m long Cross Country race! It was both challenging and fun. What was especially delightful to see was children ( both from our class but also particpiants from other schools)  supporting each other 100% when the going got tough. Sport and friendship were what it was all about! Well done Foxes. You have made us very proud.

Light Crime Lab

In the week beginning 10th October, Foxes Class have been learning about light and how it travels. They have used their understanding to unpick a crime scene where CCTV footage can be used to eliminate suspects. They have also looked at which materials reflecct light well and have worked in groups to make a periscope using a variety of different reflectors.e.g. aluminium foil, mirrors and shiny metal. Which do you think will allow us to see through the periscope clearest? Ask a Fox for the results ...

Egyptian Art and Design

In our Topic work we have found out about Pharoahs and  worked togther with a partner to make a double crown that the Pharoahs of Upper and Lower Egypt would have worn.

 After learning about how and why the Ancient Eygptians mummified their Pharoahs, we also developed our modelling skills by making our own mummies out of clay and sticks from our woods. These stick people are being bandaged with the aide of toilet paper.  One of our classmates had mummified an orange two years ago at a previous school. It had been kept in an airing cupboard all that time. We decided to see what it looked like inside! Let;s just say , it was a rather dried up salt like substance.

The Water CyCle

In Geography  we have been learning about the water cycle and how water gets recycled. We even completed a water survey to discover exactly how much water our families used in one week. In groups we accepted the challenge to make it rain inside the classroom. Children used plastic bottles , hot water  and ice to make out own water cycle and there was definite precipitation!

DSCN1845DSCN1857Monet 066(2)

Claude Monet's Lily Pond

In Art Foxes Class have been learning about the French impressionist aritist Claude Monet. Children explored using water colours to make their own individual paintings of Water Lilies. They then worked on a class enlarged painting of The Lily Pond using one of his paintings from 1905 as inspiration. Children learnt to dab paint on using sponges. They also made their own smaller individual paintings using cotton wool buds to dab paint on. We were thrilled with the results. if you can, pop into Foxes Class or the library for a closer look.

Monet 069
Monet 002
Monet 009
Monet 067

Our Visit To St Mary's Church 16.11.16

 As part of our RE work, Foxes Class visited St Mary's Church to learn about the church and how it tries to bring different members of the local community together.  We were surprised to learn that St Mary's Church dated back to Norman times and that there was a chuch on the site about 800 years ago! Rev. Andrew Evans  showed us the different parts of the church and talked about what happens during a church service. We had a go at reading from the Holy Bible and saying a sermon. We also had a look at the font for baptisms and took holy communion, ( many of us for the first time.)  We then lit candles and prayed for people and situations around the world and those closer to home.  

Church visit 161116 006
Church visit 161116 030
Church visit 161116 032

Fire Safety

We had a visitor from Wiltshire Fire Service called Jan, who taught us about how to prevent fires in our homes.  We talked about hazards and the importance of having a working fire alarm. Do you know that they should be tested weekly?  In Foxes Class, we will be talking to our families and coming up with a plan for how to escape from our houses in the event of a fire.

Handwashing assembly 171116 017
Handwashing assembly 171116 019

Electric Celebrations! MakinG a Festive Christmas Light decoration 28.11.16

Foxes experienced pitching their product to our very own Dragon's Den. The children have been learning about electrical circuits and accepted the challenge of working in small groups to plan, design and create a festive light decoration to celebrate Christmas. They worked really hard to include components such as bulbs and buzzers and investigated dimmer switches. One group even demonstrated how the buzzer could be used in their design to play jingle bells! Each group had to decide upon their target market and work out the costings of the product. The children were surprised by the costs of their labour.  We discovered that we still have a lot to learn about how businesses must work to make a profit. Despite some excellent decorations, the Dragon's were not prepared to part with their money on this occasion.

OuR Design and Technology Challenge: Make a water powered toy.

To link with our work on the water cycle, Foxes applied themselves in a homework challenge to  research, design and create their own water powered toy. The children came up with some fantastic designs which we had a lot of fun testing. Some designs were so powerful that we needed to test them outside in sub zero temperatures! Have a look at our fabulous designs below.  

The Art of Being Human

This terms topic is linking learning about the human body, especially the heart and circulation systems. So far Foxes have learnt about the different components of blood and blood types. We made a rather delicious 'Blood Smoothie' that represented the different components in our blood. The raspberries and strawberries were the red blood cells; white marshmellows were the white blood cells; sprinkles were the platelets; and plasma was mango juice.  it was divine and healthy too! We are also linking our art with this topic and have made paintings and drawings of blood  inspired by the artist Andrew Mason, with the different components as they would appear under the microscope.


Broughton Gifford Friendship Club's Literary Festival 09.01.17

Foxes Class were invited to the Broughton Gifford Friendship Club's Literary Festival at the Village Hall to participate and read aloud extracts from our favourite books as well as our own poems and jokes. We heard some fantastic stories and poems from both children and adults alike. We even met a ex-pupil from St Mary's who started school in 1936 and told us the story of being so upset and crying so much for leaving her younger sister at home, that the then Headteacher decided to let three year old sister start school early to get around the problem! Foxes also enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea and are already looking forward to next year's Literary Festival! Many thanks to Chris from the Friendship Club for the invitation and making it such a fun afternoon!


The OUtdoor Gym: RaiSe Your Heart Challnge

In Forest School children were challenged with designing a fitness circuit to really get their hearts pumping using only the natural equipment in the woods. In pairs children designed an activity that used different muscle groups. Then we spent two minutes at each station working up a sweat. Our favourite was The Mud Trail which was certainly muddy. We had lots of fun and have started the our New Year in a healthy and active way!

Making Clay Heart Scupltures

Foxes Class have been learning about the human heart and how it functions. As part of this work children have found out what can also go wrong with the heart and learnt some basic First Aid for what to do if people are suffering from angina, having a heart attack or a stroke.  In Art children worked in pairs to create a clay sculpture of a human heart. It was lovely to hear the words aorta, vena cava and blood vessels flowing out of the children’s mouths. They also remembered to give the exterior of the heart its own blood supply.  Enjoy our photos of hearts being created.