Maple Class

Year 3 & 4

Welcome to Maple Class! I am Mrs Munslow the Maple Class teacher. I relocated to Wiltshire in 2017 when my husband was serving in the Armed Forces. We subsequently settled here permanently and in 2022 I completed my PGCE at Bath Spa University.

I am an extremely family orientated person and enjoy participating in family cycle rides and paddleboarding in the summer and also enjoy travelling across the country in our camper van. I live in the countryside and have always loved the outdoors, appreciating how amazing being outside is for your mental health. I qualified as a Forest School leader back in January 2019 and I am really looking forward to utilising our forest school area to facilitate some excellent outdoor learning opportunities with the children.

I believe in making learning exciting and engaging, as well as challenging, to help every child reach their full potential. I support children in their journey to becoming independent learners by giving them open access to a wide range of resources that they can help themselves to during tasks – it’s their classroom just as much as it is mine!

A good home-school relationship enables children to feel secure and will further assist them in their learning and development. My door is always open for any questions or queries you may have, or just to say hello!

Mrs Munslow (Michelle)

Maple Class Teacher

Teaching Assisstants:

Miss Gunney

Miss McNally

Maple Class

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