There is a national curriculum set for each subject and each year group that ensures children at St Mary’s School get the best education possible.

Curriculum Overview

At St Mary’s, we are committed to inspiring children to become valuable citizens of the future within the foundations of a strongly Christian environment.

We do this alongside two other local rural schools through working as a collaborative three school fellowship based on a similar foundation and vision.


English and Maths are therefore embedded within the school curriculum, supporting the development of children’s learning, thinking, and personal, emotional, and social skills. The other curriculum areas are grouped within four sections:

Science and Technology — Science, Computing, and Design Technology

Understanding Our World — RE, History, Geography, and a Modern Foreign Language

Ourselves — PE and Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship, and Economic Education

Expressive Arts — Music and Art


At St Mary’s, the curriculum areas are taught through stimulating and exciting topics. Our topics are planned over a two-year programme, appropriate for each class, with links being made to other areas as appropriate, putting the pupils’ learning in context. The skills in reading, writing, and maths are taught daily as part of the topic or as discrete lessons.

To enhance the children’s learning, we regularly utilise external expertise through inviting visitors into the school, or arranging day trips to museums, art galleries, and the theatre, for example. We also arrange themed days or weeks to allow the opportunity to explore skills and concepts more deeply.

Our Vision


Our vision, as a Church of England primary school set in a caring and nurturing village community, is deeply rooted in strong Christian traditions. We aim to develop happy people with enquiring minds and a lifelong love of learning, who are inspired by the world around them. We will ensure that they have the skills, knowledge and adaptability to thrive and flourish in life.


The Bible verse that sets our vision statement in context comes from the words of Jesus:


“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10.

Our Curriculum Pledge


At St Mary’s, our curriculum pledge is:


We promise that we will have the highest expectations for all

We promise we will uphold our school Christian values

We promise we will all be inspired, excited, engaged and curious learners

We promise to nurture life long learning


Our curriculum aims to provide for progression through a balance of knowledge and skills across a combination of discreet teaching and robust cross curricular links. It will be made accessible to all children in a fully inclusive manner.


The whole curriculum should also contribute to children’s moral, social, cultural and spiritual development in support of our vision for the St Mary’s community.

Our Core Values


We have five core values which stem from our vision and underpin everything we do at school. They are rooted in the scriptures and children are taught what Jesus teaches us in the new testament about:








All members of our school community sign up to our Christian vision and values, which underpin all we do at our school, from forming relationships to academic achievement and school improvement. Our vision and values are evident in the children's great attitudes towards their learning and everyone's positive relationships with each other in school.

2 Year Cycles

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